Snow Emergency

January 11, 2011

By all accounts, it appears that a major snowstorm is bearing down on us.

After the last storm, more than 300 tickets were given out for failure to remove snow from sidewalks and pathways.

We urge city officials to give strict instructions to those given the power to ticket that mercy should be shown for older people unable to shovel or who cannot afford to hire others to shovel for them.

For run of the mill scofflaws, who are both able but unwilling, tickets should be written.

It costs enough living in Lynn in general without a snowstorm driving up the cost further.

Ticketing is required but above all things, ticketing must be fair and reasoned.

  • Gene

    Making people shovel the sidewalks is literally involuntary servitude, in violation of the 13th Amendment and chapter 77 of the US code. How come Lynn gets away with demanding forced labor from its citizens ?

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