Councilor Capano Re-Appointed to Water and Sewer Commission

August 5, 2017

By Jay Lancaster

Ward 6 City Councilor Peter Capano was reappointed to the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission Tuesday night, in a unanimous vote by the City Council. The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission handles projects related to the maintenance and operation of the sewer system, and Councilor Capano seemed very excited to continue his work on the commission.

“I’m looking forward to the next term here, we have some big issues here we want to take care of. We have a sewer separation project that has been long coming for West Lynn. It’s over a hundred million dollar project that’s going to separate the sewer from the storm drain. I’m looking forward to that, I was glad to help move that along. I want to see that through.”

Tuesday’s meeting of the City Council was called specifically to re-appoint Councilor Capano to the Water and Sewer Commission.

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