Newcomers Satterwhite,Castellanos Elected:Coppola Tops Ticket; Incumbents Ford, Gately, Nicholson are also Re-Elected

November 10, 2017

Attorney Michael Satterwhite and Brian Castellanos will be joining incumbents Doonna Coppola, John E. Ford Jr., Lorraine Gately and Attorney Jared Nicholson on the new Lynn School Committee that convenes in January.

Satterwhite took fifth place with 4,443 votes while Castellano earned his seat with 4,367.

Coppola had a very impressive victory in the field of 10 candidates with 6,630 votes, a clear mandate from school parents and voters that her record of service is widely appreciated. Ford, another popular incumbent, was second with 6,465 votes.

Gately, an educator, returns for a second term with 5,573 votes. Nicholson, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, won re-election with 4,719 votes.

Elizabeth Gervacio (3,532), Natasha Megie-Maddrey (2,868), Jessica Murphy (2,583), and Cherish Casey (2,254) finished in positions 7 through 10 in the contest.

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