Dr Michael Schrenko Retires from Family Medical Practice in Lynn

November 16, 2017

Dr. Michael Schrenko, who operated a family practice at 49 Ocean St., Lynn, for 38 years,

was honored at a retirement party Nov. 10 at the Porthole in Lynn.

Dr. Schrenko, 69, grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and graduated from Moravian College. He received his medical degree from the Kansas City University School of Medicine and Biosciences.

He practiced for three years in Pennsylvania and opened his own family practice in Lynn in November, 1979.

“I felt it was the right time to retire,” said Schrenko. “I think it’s hard for an individual to maintain private practice in today’s rules and regulations. But I’m going to miss medicine and I’m going to miss Lynn.”

Dr. Schrenko thanked his office manager, Cathy Houlihan, and his medical assistant Hilary Mam, for their excellent work.

Dr. Schrenko has two children, Courtney, 35, an attorney, and Mark, 34, who works in IT for Disney.

One of Dr. Schrenko’s colleagues, Dr. Michael Goldstein, congratulated him on his retirement and recognized his outstanding work in the field of medicine.

Dr. Schrenko’s partner, Beth Montoni, best summarized the thoughts of his medical colleagues and the many patients in attendance at the party.

“He’s an amazing person who dedicated his whole life to his practice,” said Montoni. “He loves his patients. He truly is so dedicated to them and I know it’s really going to be so hard for him to make his break.”

Dr. Schrenko lives in Salem and also has a residence in Florida.

  • paw2104

    I actually found this article by accident, while researching something totally outside of medicine (well not really)! I had a hard time getting into any of these articles, probably cause I tell it like it is when it comes to medicine, and this time is no exception! Dr Schrenko was my PCP before I ran away from home with Nicholas, starting life over from scratch in Danvers and with a new PCP! This Dr was very popular, but went through a lot of assistants, because he was very demanding of them! I remember one day when I arrived for an appointment his assistant didn’t show and I filled in for him, free of change until his wife could get there. She mentioned she thought I would be a perfect candidate for the job! Dr Schrenko is the only Dr that has ever really stood up to the bullies for me! I was brought to his office by my husband, a week after back surgery. I was unable to lay, stand or sit! I was slumped up against my husband in the middle of his waiting room and Dr Schrenko called the neurosurgeon right there on the spot and yelled ” If you don’t fucking re-admit her I will”! He stood up to that surgeon, got me re-admitted and probably, most definately saved my life! They left an instrument in my back for a week and God only knows how much longer it would have been there if it wasn’t for Dr. Michael Schrenko! So thank you Dr Schrenko, you rock in my book. I hope you have a long, healthy and happy retirement! You really weren’t so bad to work for. I worked for a ton of drs, from a hospital setting to a private psychiatrist in Swampscott and the private Dr had me do everything manually from his billing, tracking of visits, rxs and even his payroll! I had to think what color pen or pencil do I grab before doing anything, It was a nightmare! You were all good Dr! Enjoy your art, which I couldn’t see, but I know it is great!
    Patricia Wilson

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